#Consumer Affairs
Royal Mail
United Kingdom

Since the Royal Mail loose so many letters and parcels, they should make ALL posted items traceable, using their existing technology. This service should be standard, and there should be no additional charge.

Surely the amount of money that they would save each year on compensation would easily cover the cost of doing this, as only the lost or delayed items would need to be searched for.

We, the undersigned, call on the Royal Mail to make ALL items posted within the UK traceable as standard. We believe that using existing technology and processes, the Royal Mail could institute this change without passing any additional costs on to the customer, as it is surely cheaper to track a missing item than to pay compensation.

Overall, it is likely that the Royal Mail would make a considerable saving each year, if it were easier for them to recover lost items rather than paying for them.

Additionally, we believe that this measure would prevent Royal Mail employees from stealing items of obvious value.

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