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Sequels were scheduled after "The Road to El Dorado" movie was released in 2000.

Sadly, this project was canceled after the reception of bad reviews from critics (rated 48% at the Rotten Tomatoes) and the low income in the theaters.

This is really a shame there was not any sequel while it is obvious a lot of people loved and still love this movie after sixteen years ! It's really a shame -and a mistake!- to cancel such a great project just because of a few self-proclaimed critics who clearly had no taste at that time.

The other problem seems to be Dreamworks thinks the former children who watched the movie and who are in their twenties or thirties now wouldn't get interested anyways. YES ! They would ! I can assure you ! Plus, if you ignore a whole audience, it will make you lose a lot of income you could have earned if you didn't focus ONLY on young children expectations. A lot of people who have liked -and still like- How to Train Your Dragon or Shrek or Prince of Egypt were more than 16 when they watched it in the theaters.

We just have to take a look at the Internet and all of the memes created from "The Road to El Dorado" movie.

We just have to pass by a convention and see how fans cheer when there is an El Dorado performance on stage. Millions of people would LOVE to have a sequel, whether it is another movie, a series or even an OVA.

Millions of people would be grateful to Dreamworks if they could watch a brand new adventure of Tulio, Miguel and Chel.

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