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Don't you wish that you could have all the classic megaman video games in one? wouldnt it be cool if there was a single game that had all the past megaman games from the nes and the snes? I think there should be games like:

megaman (games 1-7)
megaman x (games 1-3)
megaman soccer

and others all in one disc for the gamecube, ps2 or xbox. doing this will give players of todays age a good look at the classic games played in the old nes-snes days and might stop people from using illegal "emulators" and "roms" which are used to simulate the games without permission. it would also let collectors (like me) have all the classics in one disc.

Please sign if you would like all the previous megaman games from the nintendo and the super nintendo all in one disc for the 3 newest sistems today.

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