For many, Dragon Ball Z is the essence of your childhood. It is one of the most iconic anime and manga ever made. It has a huge cult following of not just kids, but also teens and adults as well. But never has there been anything close to a Dragon Ball RPG game, which is where this petition comes into play.

Bethesda has proven they can make amazing RPG games with games such as Fallout and Elder Scrolls, so they would be the ideal developer to make a Dragon Ball Z RPG.

We would like for Bethesda to develop a RPG Dragon Ball Z game in the same kind of style as Fallout or Elder Scrolls.

Have the game in a vast, open universe, complete with leveling, skills, items, diverse enemies, ect. Have the events similar to the show, such as the powers, villains, heroes, ect.

Have the game follow a good story line and let you make decisions to effect the story, along with multiple side quests as to add to the longevity of the game.

If this petition gets enough signatures, maybe Bethesda will take notice as to what their fans want and pick up on this idea.

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