#Children's Rights
Governments of the World/ Prime Minister Harper

In August 2007, thousands of children's toys were recalled for a possible contaminated paint scare.

Numerous Mattel toys made in China were taken off store shelves after officials warned that interaction with the paint can lead to lead poisoning. http://www.cbc.ca/consumer/sto... Parents are fearing the amount of exposure their children had with the toys. Although, this is a serious health threat to children of the western world, no one is considering the health issues of those who MADE the toys.

Child labour is not history. Over 250 million children across the globe are deprived of a childhood; working in factories, fields, mines, and other unfavourable conditions (ILO). In 1999, the ILO adopted convention No. 182: The Worst Forms of Child Labour.

Countries that ratify this convention commit to eliminating the worst forms of child labour (ILO) (ie. trafficking, sweatshops, torture). Many countries have ratified this agreement. Many do not follow it.

I am a third year university student trying to raise awareness on this issue. I ask that we all continue in the fight against child labour. Spread the word. It can help. Please sign my petition. Make a difference. Help end child labour.

Many people believe that child labour is only an issue in developing countries. If we do not see it, it does not exist. Yet, in the province of Alberta, children as young as twelve years old can legally work 26 hours a week.

This is a prominent issue with no easy solution. Most children forced into child labour live in poverty and need to work in order for their survival. They have little or no access to an education, and find themselves trapped in the hands of their employers.

It is a vicious cycle, that can only be stopped once awareness is made and governments are called upon to take action.

We, the undersigned, call on the leaders of the world to eliminate child labour by providing free and mandatory education, by implementing laws and conventions in accordance with the rights of children, and by ensuring retribution to those who infringe these rights.

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