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Mr. Ryan Murphy

On Season Two we were presented the Dalton Academy Warblers, leaded by Blaine Anderson, played by Darren Criss. Not only did we fall in love with the dapper boy in a suit that sang "Teenage Dream"; but we did which every guy in a blazer dancing and singing behind Blaine.

Soon we learnt their names and were amazed at how talented each one of them were and how a great addition they were for Glee. Then, the Warblers CD came and it was Heaven. Heaven, I say.

We missed them a lot, but they came back for Season Three, this time with a new lead Warblers, Sebastian Smythe, played by the wonderful Grant Gustin, who made us look in Youtube old videos of him, making us realize he wasn't just another pretty face, but was actually talented and made us wait on the edge of our sits whenever a new song by the Warblers was going to be released.

With Sebastian, myself and many other people on the fandom started wondering about the lives of the Warblers. Since when had Jeff and Nick started their friendship? Did they know each other before Dalton? Since Dalton has a zero-tolerance bullying policy, is there someone there who was bullied on his other school like Blaine and Kurt and was forced to change schools? Does anyone of the Warblers have a girlfriend? Are they girls from that all-girl school we were shown on the episode "Sexy" from Season Two? Why is Sebastian the way he is? Do his parents give him a hard time? Are they absent parents? Why was he so spiteful at the beginning? Is he on Dalton because he was bullied or just because he had money? Are his feelings real for Blaine? Is Trent Nixon dating a girl from the all-girls school near Dalton? Maybe Jeff and Nick were friends before Dalton and changed schools together because one of them started getting bullied at their school?

This doesn't even start covering all the questions we make ourselves and we need Mr. Ryan Murphy and all Glee writers to give them to us. We need the Warblers on our screen not only three episodes or so per season. It doesn't matter if we get a Dalton spin-off or just more episodes with great talents such as Grant Gustin, Ryker Lynch, Curt Mega or even Darren Criss if his character decides to return to Dalton.

Our petition, Mr. Murphy is quite simple: we want more time with the Warblers. We want to know their backstories, we want to get to know them.

We need the Warblers in our lives and we know you'll make this possible by creating a spin-off for them.

Thank you.

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