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Oak Bay Municipality Mayor and Council, Victoria BC

It is presently under consideration by Oak Bay Council to remove the existing rocks from Tinto Street boulevard (which currently serve to enforce an existing No Parking bylaw) and to address the possibility of allowing parking on all or the west end portion of said boulevard.

Several possible "treatments", and their associated costs, have been proposed by Oak Bay Public Works staff and include the following three options:

Option 1: Remove the rocks at a cost of $2,000

Option 2: 30 degree angle parking with 8 stalls (costing $70,000 with 'turf stone' or $21,000 using curb and gutter and asphalt)

Option 3: Parallel parking with 15 stalls (costing $65,000 using 'turf stone' or $27,000 using curb and gutter and asphalt)

According to the Oak Bay Official Community Plan (OCP), Bylaw 3943 is intended to reflect a vision of Oak Bay as a community that will continue to provide a stable, secure, and healthy living environment that respects and complements the attractive natural setting of the Municipality.

Turning the boulevard into a parking area is not only in direct contravention of the existing by-law but it also contravenes the intent of the OCP to preserve green space in Oak Bay. Furthermore, due to the narrow roadway and lack of space for a sidewalk; parking along Tinto Street would be hazardous. As it is now, the street is an effective pedestrian corridor.

We, the undersigned, are Oak Bay residents and proponents of maintaining the existing bylaw, request that the No Parking bylaw on Tinto Street continue to be effectively enforced with the established rock barrier as a means to preserve the existing green space boulevard.

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