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This petition is about preventing future tax cuts that take away funding to necessary institutions for the people who use and need them in their daily lives. The city of Madison had been known for having alot of public services for any kind of need or person. But now that kind of need might be shun away because our mayor wanted to save an average of $10 on our
house taxes. Unfortunately WYOU is included in this tax cut and will be elimated if the counscil votes to
take it. WYOU has been serving the people of Madison, WI for over 25 years now, and we continue to teach people the skills needed to produce a show,
edit their show, and basic studio and lighting skills.

So why take it all away now? We have plenty of viewers and producers but for some reason nobody really notices. All we need is the continued help of all
WYOU supporters.

We, the undersigned, say the recent proposed tax cuts are un-wanted, and the people of our fine city need these

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The Maintain WYOU Funding petition to City Council was written by Amber Maloney and is in the category Government at GoPetition.