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Maesteg Town Hall is having a needed redevelopment . The plan for the new build will mean the destruction of a beautiful lime tree and a shelter designed by children from the local school . Surely in this time when conservation is a recognised issue a way around this could be found . The present shelter is actually built around the tree, with a hole in the roof designed to accommodate it.
The pictures show the Town Hall as it is now The centre picture is an artist's impression of the new planned building the last picture is a suggestion of how it could be built while still keeping the tree . The shelter could be placed in the lower part surrounding the tree, as it is now or placed elsewhere in the town.

We the undersigned call on Awen trust and Bridgend County Borough Council to consider a way of accommodating the lime tree and " old man's" shelter in the plans for the redevelopment of Maesteg Town Hall .

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The MAESTEG; SAVE THE TREE AND THE SHELTER petition to AWEN TRUST and BRIDGEND COUNTY BOROUGH COUNCIL was written by Pamela Evans and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.