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Randy Savage was the 2nd highest grossing wrestler behind Hogan in the 1980's.

Randy Savage is a household name.

Savage's neglect from the WWE is shown on a constant basis, while Ultimate Warrior is at least given credit, even though he and the WWE are on VERY bad terms.

Randy Savage would be an instant seller in stores.

Throughout the last few years, Jakks Pacific has issued a collectors series of action figures entitled: Classic Superstars, a celebration of the best wrestlers who have ever stepped into the squared circle. One man, who helped shape the 80's and 90's for the WWF(E) has gone unnoticed. Macho Man Randy Savage who was the second biggest name behind Hulk Hogan has yet to be made. Jakks has said before that Savage wanted too much money, however in the longrun, the figure itself could and would sell well.

This petition is asking for your support in helping make that happen by voicing your opinion. Macho Man Randy Savage should be made, and let's make that happen.

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