The Lebanese University, Third Branch, Tripoli, Lebanon

We the M1 students have waited for years to have a master's degree here in Tripoli. Some of us graduated nine and ten years ago. Some are mothers, fathers and grandparents. We worked hard to make time to work on our studies despite our commitment to our jobs, which we would never leave in such an economical situation.

Our researches took plenty of time and effort to be accomplished even though many complained about the lack of resources in our university, yet we worked like bees and collected information from everywhere.

Some of us come from long distances, and some have left their jobs in the gulf and got ready for the degree they have always dreamed of. Others challenged the fiery situations in the country and attended with pleasure. Though we had already known that attendance would not count, we rushed to the benches of our university, thirsty for knowledge and eager to grasp information. Do not kill our spirit. Do not attack our love for life, achievement and success.

Believe in our powers and just give us the chance. We should be able to defend our right in getting our master's degree here in our city, for in this global world, we can never understand why Tripoli cannot get what Beirut has gotten. Is it fair for a city as rich as Tripoli to have its people marginalized and treated as inferiors?

We, the undersigned, call on your wise decision and generous help to take an action and support our right. Having already given us the chance to be M1 students, pave us the way to finish the job.

We really appreciate your cooperation and interest.

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