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Although Luton airport does have some good locations for viewing aircraft I would welcome a spotters building similar to the one at London Heathrow’s visitor centre as spotters at Luton haven’t had an official spot for over 6 years.

Therefore I decided to create a petition to get open a building like this.

This petition will be printed and given to the project 2030 managers and the airport's Human Resources.

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02/01/09 – Happy New Year to all! This is just a quick note to thank all of those who have signed the petition with your excellent suggestions and comments. PLEASE keep them coming, as WE NEED THEM! For the closing date listed above.

Thank You


Below are a couple of videos showing current spotting spots at Luton airport!

We the undersigned ask London Luton Airport PLC to provide people with an official and preferably indoor viewing area at London – Luton Airport.

We believe this should have basic facilities such as toilets with the availability of refreshments and perhaps an aviation shop. Interactive displays will not only benefit the regular spotters who would use it but also the families in the local community.

Aircraft enthusiasts are very important to the Airport as they are the unpaid “eyes and ears of the security services”. Several other medium-sized European airports have dedicated viewing areas and If Luton airports’ aim of being as successful as these airports the airport should seriously consider including a viewing area.

We (the spotter) use the airport and are in favour of the airport expansion, we keep an eye out for any unusual or suspicious activity and the photographs we take the articles we write give London Luton airport a good name throughout the world - thus bringing more travellers to the airfield.

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