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Loyola University New Orleans
United States of America

Loyola Peer Health Advocates are building a community of care during Worldwide Suicide Prevention Week by providing support, outreach, and resources to the Loyola community. We created this online pledge so that all staff, faculty, students, etc. can make the pledge to stop suicide. If you would like to sign our pledge in person and receive a Lift Up Loyola button, you can come to our table in the Danna Center all this week.

STOP Suicide Personal Pledge

I pledge that I will:

- Tell you if I'm struggling and need help
- Reach out and connect with you if I'm worried about you
- Listen to you without judgment if you need someone to talk to
- Ask you directly if I think you are trying to tell me about suicide
- Help you to get support if you are struggling and/or thinking about suicide

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