Vancouver Island University

International students pay an extremely high price to study in Canada. Since COVID-19 happened and classes started running online, it seems unfair to pay the full amount without gaining the entire knowledge we can in a classroom. A domestic student pays average of $3000 per program whereas an international student pays an average of $9000 per program. The virus has put a stake at international students' future studies and finance. If the school continues with the option of keeping the classes online, we request to lower the tuition fees of international students for the fall 2020 to lessen the stress people are facing and help them overcome. There are hundreds of people struggling financially in this critical time and the tuition fees makes it worse for us because it is unreasonable to pay the same price to attend online classes. There are students who have disability or can not access the internet, it would be be reasonable to decrease the tuition fees for us to continue our studies without stress and any worries. VIU has the potential to assist us with this problem and provide us the help needed and we would truly be grateful.

We, the undersigned, call on the Vancouver Island University to lower the tuition fees of International students for the fall term 2020.

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