With all due respect, the prices RedOctane charge for these Guitar Hero II song packs are ridiculous. They charge 500 Microsoft Points for just 3 songs in each pack. In total, 2500 points for all 5 packs (15 songs), which works out to £21.25/$31.24! That's roughly £1.41/$2.08 per song!

This is worse than iTunes! At least with iTunes, you can properly listen to the tracks and stick them on your MP3 player. I thought Activision would have learnt their lesson from the first packs. Seems they're more greedy than Bethesda.

If they keep going at this rate, it's going to cost us about 8300 MSP, which in real money is £70.55/$103.71! It's going to cost us more than the actual game does! This truly is highway robbery.

Over here in the UK, you can get the original game on the PS2 on its own for about £20-£30. Why can't we have it for that price on the 360?!

We, the undersigned, call on Activision or RedOctane to please lower the price of their downloadable content for Guitar Hero II, which currently stands at 500 Microsoft Points per pack, which £4.25/$6.25 in real money!

It's costing us roughly £1.41/$2.08 per song, which in America, is roughly 3 times the price you'd pay for the song on iTunes!

Please support this campaign, and bring back justice to the world of Guitar Hero!

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