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I want to get enough signatures for lowering the age to 20 years old to be eligible for a cervical cancer smear test when they notice symptoms or changes. The government and NHS have stated that you have to be 25 to be able to get checked out.

Most teenagers and women under the age of 25 are sexually active which can trigger cervical cancer. According to the screening programme, around 4,500 lives are saved every year through these interventions to prevent cancer developing. It was Jade Goody who gave me inspiration after she had cervical cancer.

Also a 23-year-old girl Mercedes Curnow from Cornwall died of cervical cancer because doctors said she was too young for a smear test, her devastated family have claimed.That is why I am wanting to petition so these deaths of young women can be prevented!

We, the young women of the United Kingdom call on 10 Downing Street, Parliament to eliminate the age for a cervical cancer smear test from 25 to the age of 20.

We have all known or know of young women to get cervical cancer and sadly pass away, because of there age,they were refused point blank by the NHS for a screening because apparently the cervix is changing all the time! But it is wrong as these sad victims of the disease have died the youngest one being 21 years old and have proved that it can affect any age and it doesn't care who it targets!!

We need to stand forward and to fight against the "law" also our Human Rights are being affected as we are turned away as soon as we notice any changes because of our age.Its disgusting.

So let's all hold hands and stand forward to lower the age and to prevent this devastating disease getting hold of young women!

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