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Wokingham Borough Council
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In much of Shinfield South ward the speed limit is 40 mph, even in the village centres. Wokingham Greens consider that 40 mph is too high for most of the A and B roads in the ward.

We cannot see how it can be right for Nine Mile Ride and Rushey Way to have 30 mph speed limits, while we still have to put up with road traffic passing through our village centres at 40 mph.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has this to say about speed limits and accidents: “The risk of a pedestrian who is hit by a car being killed increases slowly until impact speeds of around 30 mph. Above this speed, the risk increases rapidly, so that a pedestrian who is hit by a car travelling at between 30 mph and 40 mph is between 3.5 and 5.5 times more likely to be killed than if hit by a car travelling at below 30 mph.”

We believe that many residents want lower speed limits, and therefore we have set up this petition for a speed limit of 30 mph imposed generally throughout Shinfield, Spencers Wood and Three Mile Cross, with a 20 mph speed limit at School Green, to offer additional protection to children going to and from school.

Please only sign this petition if you live in Grazeley, Ryeish Green, Shinfield School Green, Spencers Wood or Three Mile Cross.

We the undersigned, being residents of Shinfield South ward, call on Wokingham Borough Council to lower speed limits throughout the villages of Shinfield, Spencers Wood and Three Mile Cross to 30 mph in general and 20 mph by Shinfield Infant and Junior School.

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