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Most veterinarians charge $50.00 or more for an animal to get spayed or neutered depending on size, weather the animal is female or male, weather the animal is a cat or a dog, and weather the female cat or dog is in heat or pregnant (some vets even terminate a pregnancy).

This petition would try to help get vets to lower their prices or even do a free spay / neuter for low income families with pets.

This petition is to try to get vets to help low income families by lowering their spay / neuter cost to $20 or under or even doing a free spay / neuter.

This kind of program would help cut the pet over population and cut the number of unwanted pets from being euthanized.

Vets that work with low income families could even donate a free spay / neuter and deduct it off their taxes and would be saving thousands of lives every year.

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