Nursing council of kenya

The Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK) is a statutory body established by the Nurses Act Cap 257 of the Laws of Kenya to ensure the delivery of safe and effective nursing and midwifery care, to the public, through quality education and best practices.It is the only professional regulatory body for all cadres of nursing and midwives in Kenya.
Following the escalation of various issues affecting the councils mandate in emanating from nurses across the board, we the undersigned put up the following petition to the office of the registrar, and the board of the council for their action.

1. Retention fees and other fees
The nurse’s of Kenya are concerned with the sudden increase of subscription fees particularly of retention with over 300%.while we appreciate the enormity of the councils mandate, we see no reason for the sharp increase in the said money’s.we therefore request you to immediately revoke the current inflated charges and pursuant to the provisions in the Constitution of Kenya 2010 on public participation call for a stakeholders meeting to deliberate and come up with the right amount to be paid as annual subscription. For example whereas we are not opposed to annual retention Nck license renewal should not exceed a fee not more than 650/= annually.the current fee is ksh. 2000/- annually from the previous ksh2000 in 3years. we propose 600 and a processing fee of ksh.50 in line with other government service fees in e citizen portal and huduma centres
3. Licensing exam fee to remain ksh. 5000/= as it has always been, 9000/= is way too much!!
4. Take their responsibility seriously in nurses employment since most nurse aids are working as nurses with even nurses uniform.

2. Nursing council of Kenya board
Pursuant to the nurse’s act cap 257, the nursing council board should be constituted after every 3years, we the nurse’s of Kenya demand for the gazettement of the duely elected members of the board, we would like to put across the argument that the current board as constituted has no mandate to make any decisions in the council as it’s illegally in office.please expedite; either the election of a new board or assumption of the duely elected members of the board you power, this is cognizant of the fact that the current board members were only mandated to oversee the council for a period not exceeding 180days.

3. The draft nurses act
The nurse’s of this country are aware that the nursing council technocrats are in the process of reviewing the nurse’s act.while it is agreeable that the nurse’s act cap 257 needs to be reviewed, the nurse’s of this country being the most key stakeholders in the running of the council express concerns that there was little or no public participation in the drafting and formulation of the draft.there are glaring anomalies in the current draft as constituted, we therefore demand for reconstituon of a review committee comprising of all the nurse's stakeholders to relook at the draft nurses amendment bill 2016.

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