Motorcycling Australia has continued to raise fees for racing every year (see below for how much this year alone).

Category – Total cost (Increase):
Senior National – $320.00 ($20.00)
Junior National – $295.00 ($20.00)
Senior Restricted National – $235.00 ($25.00)
Junior Restricted National – $140.00 ($25.00)
Mini – $130.00 ($25.00)
Entrant – $200.00 ($50.00)
Recreational Licence 1 – $130.00 ($25.00)
Recreational Licence 2 – $115.00 ($25.00)
Recreational Licence 3 – $100.00 ($28.00)
Recreational Licence 4 – $85.00 ($25.00)
One Event Competition – $90.00 ($30.00)
One Event Recreational – $30.00 ($5.00)
One Event National – $90.00 ($10.00)

It is hard enough to stay in motorcycle racing, let alone entice new blood into the sport with exaggerated fees. Racing relies on rider numbers and our governing bodies are making it increasingly difficult for people to participate.

Where do our fees go?
Would you try the sport with a $90 one day licence?
What is the main demographic, young people with small incomes?
Would you "try" the sport for such a large cost?
How many other costs do you also need to pay before you even ride your bike?

Please sign this petition if you believe that Motocycling Australia Licences are too expensive and that it will have a negative impact on the sport you love.

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