#Roads & Transport
Turnpike Commission
United States of America

Tolls on the toll roads are typically calculated by the weight of the vehicle using the road. Typically cars and light trucks and SUVs are class 1, therefore the larger the vehicle the more it weighs, the class size increases up to Class 8 which typically one refer to a tractor trailer that can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. The average car in America weighs approximately 4000 pounds. The average motorcycle weighs approximately one tenth of that. Motorcycles should not have to pay any toll, let alone the same toll as a Class 1 vehicle for it would take a motorcycle a substantial amount of time to create any type of wear and tear on the roads that class 1 Vehicles do.
For example: It should not cost a motorcycle to enter the Westgate way from Ohio into Pennsylvania $7.45 (per the PA toll calculator) just to travel 27.4 miles to get to I-79. It should be $0.00

We, the undersigned, are in full belief that motorcycles should not be subject to tolling on any road. They are significantly less in weight than any other vehicle on the road and incur almost no wear and tear as other vehicles.

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