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Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department
United States of America

My fellow citizens, as you all know thousands are killed or permanently disabled each year in motor vehicle accidents. In fact, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death in the United States for young men and women ages sixteen to twenty-five.

As you know, we have at least two housing additions which branch directly off state highway 45 as well as a few hidden drives which are in dangerous areas of the highway. Since there are NO traffic control lights within city limits, it is imperative that the speed limit for which a vehicle may travel through our city must be lowered for the safety and health of all. (Note) *there are places on state Highway 71 in the Greenwood area where a driver may not drive more than forty-five miles per hour* yet that same driver may drive as much as fifty-five or sixty miles per hour within our small city without fear of legal ramification.

My fellow citizens, this is a recipe for disaster. Are we as parents, husbands, wives, and grandparents willing to allow a tragedy before something is changed? Let's take control of this problem before something happens to get the State's attention. (I.e. fatality accident)

We the undersigned, call on the state of Arkansas and the Arkansas Highway Department to lower the speed limit to no more than forty-five miles per hour as a driver enters the city limit of Bonanza.

In addition, we would like the downtown area changed to a speed limit of no more than thirty-five miles per hour within 300 ft of any business or intersecting roadway in the downtown area.

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