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Tuition costs is out of control. It is not imagination to conceive a three credit course at some schools to cost more than $725 dollars a credit. This means a single course of three credits could cost at least $2,700. What's worse adjuncts teach many of the courses at the lower levels and are not paid this amount for a single course taught for a semester.

For a class of 30 or more adjuncts get sometimes less than $2,700 over a period of 12 weeks. Regional accreditors and colleges are aware of this that student loans are available for whatever amounts a school may charge. Accreditation means big money to colleges and universities. Accreditation means a useful degree when earned.

Students have no choice in the matter except to look for a school with lower tuition. These are almost non existent and unaccredited schools may charge less but their degrees are useless.

Furthermore a student loan has become a lifetime mortgage. So that is why I wrote this petition.

We demand lower college tuition to avoid student loan debts and to avoid a mortgaged future that leads to financial suicide.

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The Lower College Tuition Fees and Stop Financial Suicide petition to REGIONAL ACCREDITORS/DEPT. OF EDUCATION/THE IVY LEAGUE was written by alvin evans and is in the category Education at GoPetition.

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