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Here is an example of what a kid gets for breakfast an eggspress muffin (124 grams of cholestoral and 4 grams saturated fat). Next, they get lets say an oven roast chicken. (286 grams of cholesterol and 6 grams saturated fat) And of course they get chocolate milk for breakfast and lunch (5 grams of cholesterol and 1 gram saturated fat each)grand total = 420 grams cholesterol and 1 2 grams saturated fat!

The name of the lunch program? Health-e living!!! What an outrage.

Please sign this petition to lower levels of cholesterol and saturated fat. If you are curious this school holds grade 3-5. But of course some kids get held back.

we, the undersigned, call on Beacon Cove to lower levels of cholesterol and saturated fat in school lunches.

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