Brampton Pageants 2003

Hey, have you guys met Louis Mallia? One word : sexy, built like a Sherman tank and hot like a stove cooking a gourmet dish that's spicy. He's that hot! M and M melts in your mouth, but Louis Mallia will melt your heart. If you think that Louis Mallia should be Brampton's representative in the 2003 competition for Mr. Brampton, you just sign your name below!!! He's got everything you'd want in a candidate; bowling skills, amazing good looks, and stunning style!

Think drinking four Nesteas is huge; Louis Mallia will put you to massive shame! Think that you can "rock" clothes and sideburns? Louis Mallia will put you to massive shame. Let's bow down to the master, and conceed that he is best suited for Mr. Brampton 2003

We, the undersigned, support Louis Mallia's application for Mr. Brampton 2003.

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The Louis Mallia for Mr. Brampton 2003 petition to Brampton Pageants 2003 was written by Kevin Royal and is in the category Youth at GoPetition.