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Below contains a letter I have previously submitted on prince.org.

Both members and moderators of the org. thought the content of the below letter more-or-less expressed the general consensus of the org. and Prince's wider community. A consensus of a general dissatisfaction towards Prince's latest online venture Lotusflow3r.com

Granted we were not promised anything in particular, but much was hinted or inferred in interviews. This led to many (including myself) signing up to website - and 4 months later nothing substantial has appeared. I personally believe this was a strategic marketing strategy from the Prince camp – who’s ultimate goal was to lure fans into paying a membership.

Equally, the very idea of a membership implies regular updates, regardless of what updates these may be. The website is clearly not delivering on this front either.

Adding additional salt to fans wounds - subscribers still have not received their t-shirts. Many people have moved to focus all their attention towards these t-shirts (as they seem to be the only sizeable thing we will receive). The fact that after 4months, subscribers still have not received these - is unacceptable.

If you share these, or similar sentiments or have further comments to add, please sign this petition.

It is my opinion (and one shared by others) if we rally ourselves together in a mature and pro-active way - the outcome will be beneficial to all of us!

We all know the potential of this website and what it means to us fans. With collective action I believe the website can become what we want and know it can be.

Please sign the petition,

Thank you, JM

To whom it may concern,

I want to let you know that my intent in writing this email is not to assign blame to the support team. I know that you probably have little control over the content of Lotusflow3r. Nevertheless, I just wanted to convey that nobody (and I do not think this is an exaggeration). Nobody is happy with Prince's website.

I love the design and the concept. As a vessel, for all that is Prince; it has so much potential. However, there was so much promised (infered) in interviews with the creators. No retraction was ever made from Prince to say that these reports were false. Therefore, fans believed they were true.

Basically the Fans of Prince, paid money to get something that I am unsure we’ll ever get. I personally have just finished my degree, I have very little money and I actually went short for a week so I could sign up to this site.

I really want to know if the site is still intended to be something along the lines of that which was conveyed in interviews. Will it be updated regularly? And for a membership site, regularly is every month. I mean my monthly subscription to new scientist gives me five magazines and costs the same a year. It was fortunate that I got said subscription for a present - a luxury that was not afforded with Lotusflow3r.

Recently you uploaded Undertaker, it was good to see that again. But I already own it as it is legally available (see here http://www.amazon.co.uk/U...00004R6P5, as do most of Prince's core fan-base. And ultimately these are the types of fans that signed up to this site.

I am also wondering how much of a direct contact the people that deal with Lotusflow3r have with Prince. Does he actually understand how annoyed and cheated some of his fans feel? If this was a simple disgruntled fan thing I would not bother you.

The fact is I - as have many others - paid for a service; a service which I (we) feel is not being delivered. A service that fans were lead to believe (with media hype) was going to be far more than what was actually delivered, (refer to this article, it is one of many examples http://www.newsweek.com/id/189242.

I mean this site was for the Lotusflow3r albums, and the cd’s are amazing - but the site isn't. The thing is; it could be! It just seems there was so much hype and it has been forgotten about. And that you will trickle updates out when enough people moan. Updates that are frankly not worth $77. Updates like Prince’s live footage (which you can’t buy) is what fans were expecting. A subscription site that has things that people can buy already just does not seem fair. For examples, Prince video’s are already available on DVDs. It just gives the impression that media was hyped to con people out of their money. And that isn’t fair.

If the delays have anything to do with Prince being ill at the moment - that is totally understandable. And my thoughts and love go out to him if that’s the case. But I would be grateful if you would let fans know what is happening.

Thank you in advance,


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