#Neighborhood Living
Geylang MP and Singapore Police Force

We are residents living in Lorong 24 Geylang covering all walks of life. We have been sick and tired with the noise being generated during almost everynight lasting up up to weehours in morning.

We are also sick with how our neighbourhood, in particular lorong 24 geylang is during the weekend. Family cant walk peacefully without being distracted by the prostitution activities, family men cant walk peacefully without being solicited, women cant walk peacefully without being stared at or even being disturbed by the "pimp". The lorong is extremely noisy and extremely crowded on Sundays!

Lorong 24 has changed its identity from a non resident neighbourhood to being a residential neighbourhood! There are 3 condominiums located at this lorong with another 1 being constructed.

We have lodge numerous complains to the police via phone calls and email ranging from sound nuisance by the prostitutes, pimps to giving the exact location of where this illicit activities being conducted only to know that "the police is monitoring the situation". No action has been taken to tackle the issues. There are also numerous police camera being installed at this lorong and all we could see is that those cameras are just merely for a "decoration " purpose. The police has every details necessary to take an action on this prostitution activity, including the individuals who are acting as "pimps" but yet they have choose to just close thier eyes!

We urge the government and the police to take serious action to clean and curb the illegal prostitution activity in lorong 24 geylang! We want a clean lorong 24 residential area free from prostitution activities!

We are requesting the police and the MP of lorong 24 geylang to take serious action on illegal prostitution activities and to clean lorong 24 geylang to be a free prostitution neighbourhood. We are extremely frustrated with the noise pollution being generated by the prostitution activity including the pimps and we want a clean and prostitute free neighbourhood!

We want the residents of lorong 24 geylang to sign this petition. We need as much of signatures as possible.

Lets sign this and make a better and conducive living lorong 24 geylang! Many thanks in advance for your support!

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