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Cathy Guerriero and City Councilman James Oddo (R-Mid-Island).
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Six families with special needs children, which include my brother Joe Padalino and sister in law Maria Padalino are part of this group in regards to getting long-term help for their son Anthony as well as another 5 adults with special needs. The parents got a boost on Friday from Democratic public advocate candidate Cathy Guerriero and City Councilman James Oddo (R-Mid-Island).

The group, Parents Envisioning Their Adult Children's Environment (PEACE), has been lobbying the state for six years to fund a home so that their special-needs children can live together in one place as they get older.

Speaking to about 75 group members and their children outside the Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities, Willowbrook, Ms. Guerriero said that the middle-class special-needs population is exploding here, but the Island "is left out of the conversation."

PEACE believes that allowing their children to live with those familiar to them, and close to family, would be a positive for the children and would save the state money in the long.

These families still have no answer from the state, and at this point being a mom of a special needs daughter as well as having my nephew Anthony with special needs, I am asking all of my friends and families to please sign a petition so that these six adults can continue a life full of happiness and independence.

By singing this petition, you are agreeing that funding needs to be redirected towards this project, instead of cuts being made, so that special needs students may receive the full benefit of their independence.

Lastly, to prepare these six adults for life they should be offered this opportunity. simply because they are human beings as well as we all are and just because they have a disability does not mean that they should be given something less.

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