Guilherme Aurélio da Silva Arantes, a.k.a Firewaster

Our dear friend Mr. Firewaster let his beautiful long hair grow for almost 5 years. Now he has a strange and morbid urge to have a haircut and sell his hair! We can't let him continue with this madness! Let's unite to stop this silky hair genocide!

Mr. Guilherme Aurélio da Silva Arantes a.k.a Firewaster, please, don't have a haircut. Think about all the guys (and poor girls) who have always wanted to have such beautiful hair.
Don't sell your 5 years old companion. Think about all the praize you received for it. Remember the wind blowing against your hair. Remember the headbanging days. Remember the delicious smell of your shampoo after that relaxing washing.

Don't do it, we beg you.

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The Long life to Firewaster's Hair! petition to Guilherme Aurélio da Silva Arantes, a.k.a Firewaster was written by Daniela Farias and is in the category Humor at GoPetition.