#Roads & Transport
Long Island, NY residents for Fast Commute
United States of America

1) Only two other alternatives into NYC;

2) Less autos on the road;

3) LIRR takes from 50 to 90 minutes at rush hour - late often.

4) Driving to midtown (18 miles) is longest commute in the United States when compared to every other city INCLUDING Los Angeles;

5) Commuting is not getting better but worse.

6) There is no space to claim more right of way in either LIRR or roadways.

7) Identified 100,000 people who commute within a 5 mile radius of North Hempstead Park.

8) Having ferry service will create 100s of much needed jobs (the most important reason of all).

9) Money available through various government agencies to help ease commuting bottlenecks, pollution concerns – NY is the biggest bottleneck, with the largest amount of lost hours in work.

10) Property values will increase.

11) Revenue from the ferry could actually bring significant revenue.

This petition is to demand the Town of North Hempstead immediately implement a feasibility study for a ferry service from the Town of North Hempstead Park/Beach to New York City.

Furthermore, we demand that the town works with, and not against the citizens in developing a ferry service.

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