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Prospector Pete is coming to an end and it's time for anew mascot who will bring unity and pride...and a sting!
Long Beach Bees are the perfect candidate for this new position in our school. They are already our school colors and they are the most keystone a species can get. I mean, would you even be here and healthy if there weren't bees pollinating our food and our food's food? Also if musical representation is concerned, bees already have the best theme song: Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa. If music isn't enough, then hopefully The Bee Movie is! As for mascot looks go, not many people look towards insects. But as far as insects go, bees are not only cute and bumbly, but also really cool and kickass! Who's ready to sting?
Go Beach! and go Beach Bees!

By signing this petition you are signing for the Bumble squad. You are signing for a mascot that will cause some buzz not only within our school, but also a buzz that will sting other schools during athletic games and other competitions making them remember the big old black and yellow. This mascot will truly show that big things come in small bee-shaped packages.
Let's gather like a swarm of bees. Go Long Beach Bees!

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