The London School of Journalism
United Kingdom

London School of Journalism prides itself in providing courses for over 80 years; Students from the United Kingdom and all over the world attend LSJ based on information on its web site which unbeknown to them is not credible and LONG outdated.

Students have discovered that they are unable to get employment having completed an LSJ course as employers are now checking the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) web site to see if the institution is registered. Equally the Home Office will not grant visa to students who wants to read for the 6months course on the Madia Vale campus as the school is not registered.

The director of LSJ has said that students can use their Visiting visa to read for the course; this is unethical as any reputable institution in the UK would not encourage students to read for programmes in this manner. If LSJ is legitimate why are they SCARED and REFUSING to register with the Department for Education Skills?

We, the undersigned, petition the London School of Journalism to register the school with the Department for Education and Skills like all other REPUTABLE and LIGITIMATE Universities, Colleges, Institutes and Schools within the United Kingdom; we also petition LSJ to commence the process where graduates of its 3 months and 6 months intensive courses can gain membership to professional organisations for Journalists.

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