NISAmerica, PQube, Aksys Games, Rising Star Games, XSEED Games

Hello everyone! Tsuihou Senkyo[Exile Election] is a Japanese game developed by NIS(Nippon Ichi Software). It is categorized as a death adventure game with the style of a visual novel but with noticeable gameplay elements for the PS4 and PS VITA. The story follows a group of 12 participants forced to play a "death game" by a murderous mechanical doll named Alice. The story takes place in an abandoned amusememt park which is a shelter to an apocalyptic world envaded by monsters. Every week, one of the characters is nominated for exile to face the hardships of the outside world. As you may probably tell, this game is heavily inspired by the Danganronpa and Zero Escape series, both of which sold very well in the NA/EU regions. The game raises many questions in the players' heads. Why is Alice doing this? What is the purpose of this game? Why us 12? etc...

Now, unlike many recent games, you take on the role of an "anti-hero", a protagonist whom bares a grudge against the remaining players for allowing the exile of his little sister. The protagonist, named Ichijou Kaname, is a young man who possesses the ability to see sound in the form of colour.

I am starting this petition in hopes of raising awareness to the fact that a good group of people want this game localized in the NA/EU regions, and I wish to garner as much support as possible from you all. Should the project garner a significant amount of signatures, I will immdediately inform the targets. Thank you very much for taking the time to read!

I will be asking you all to sign this petition on the following basis: "Localizing Exile Election from Japan to NA/EU with no scenes cut."

The main targets are NISAmerica and NISAmerica in Europe, the NIS(game developer) branches in NA/EU, PQube, Aksys Games, Rising Star Games, and XSEED Games.

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