UCSN School Board; CPS Board; Illinois State Assembly
United States of America

UNO Charter School CEO, Administrators and Board of Directors are not providing parents with all the information to make informed decisions about their children's education. School budgets are not made public to parents, school leadership like school directors are appointed without parent input and educational cuts necessary to student achievement are implemented without parent input.

As a publicly tax funded organization, the UNO Charter School Network administration, CEO and board of directors are not being held accountable to its school community. UNO Charter School Parents demand accountability and inclusion by implementing Local School Councils at each of the UNO Charter School Campuses with the purposes of:

Approving how school funds and resources are allocated

Developing and monitoring the annual School Improvement Plan

Evaluating and selecting the school's principal

UNO Charter School Local School Councils will consist of the following elected members:
6 parents
2 community members
2 teachers
1 non-teacher staff
school's director
student representative (high school LSCs only)

We, the undersigned, call on the UNO Charter School Network Board of Directors, Chicago Public School Board of Directors and State of Illinois General Assembly for the implementation of Local School Councils at UNO Charter School campuses.

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