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Ice Hockey is a sport that is under rated and doesn't get the credit it truly deserves. Other local sports such as Football, Rugby, Horse Racing, Cricket, Golf, Basket Ball, Motor Sports even Greyhound Racing always get a mention on the local news but never Ice Hockey. Ice Hockey is a sport too and a big sport in our local community Players come from all over the world to play for there team as well as local players even they don't get the credit they deserve in what has to be one of the best sports around. If The local news can cover all other sports why not Ice Hockey? If the local news would even just mention the results it would be something. The mention of local ice hockey teams on our news would not only give the sport a boost with finances but it would also make the sport grow by attracting more people and it would be a huge boost for local communities and bring more money to local clubs big or small. All that is being asked here is that local television sports news broadcasts mention local Ice Hockey teams and matches when they report the sports news.


Please would all my friends on Facebook and also fellow Ice Hockey fans take a moment to sign and share my petition to have local Ice hockey teams and matches mentioned on our local television news? Everyday the local news reports on Football, Rugby, Golf, Cricket, Horse Racing, Basket Ball, Motor Racing and other various sports but never Ice Hockey. Ice Hockey is a sport that is under rated and doesn't get the credit that it deserves nor do the players that come from all over the world to play for a local team and with local players. If our local teams and games were mentioned on our news than not only would it be beneficial to our communities bit also a huge boost for our clubs finances and players. It would also attract more people to the sport. which means clubs big or small would become even bigger. Ice Hockey is a sport just like any other sport and deserves more credit and so do the players who play week in and week out travelling across the country playing for something they truly believe in. Please if you all be so kind as to sign and share this petition I would be very grateful. Every signature added would signature close to a great result in British Ice Hockey. Thank you all. Brian NUFC Marshall.

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