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People figure that since just about any 12-year-old would be thrilled to play Baseball (or softball) on national television for free, then free it should be. Just ignore those tens of millions of dollars earned that Little leaguers, who are the ones playing the game, should get a part of

Little League is a Big League business and gets bigger each and every year, thanks to the increased national television coverage from ESPN and ABC, which has driven up not just rights fees but corporate sponsorships, stadium advertising and ancillary income.

Yeah, the ones promoting it deserve it a cut. But, c'mon, let's face it. The ones who play the game, should also be the one's getting paid, even if only a little bit.

We, the undersigned, are angered that The companies who are televising Little league Baseball are not paying the little leaguers who are playing the game, while they themselves are being paid well.

We believe that The Little leaguers deserve a small cut of the money earned in advertising and/or attendence.

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