Orange County Landfill
United States of America

The neighborhood of Aliso Creek Villas has far too much litter. Every day there are empty bags of chips and beer bottles lying around. There is little to no enforcement of the punishments for littering, and the consequences aren't harsh enough.

Littering should be taken more seriously as a crime and have more severe punishments because:
1. Litter is unsightly, and it costs money. The local government spends too much money on cleaning up litter when it can be used on programs that are actually beneficial.

2. There are enough cockroaches and rodents in our neighborhood. Littering attracts these pests, which will surely increase the number of diseases transmitted from pests to human beings in the neighborhood.

3. As trash decomposes, the soil becomes polluted. There has been a lot of litter on grass, which only contributes to the environmental crisis the world is facing today.

We, the undersigned, call on the Orange County Government and the sheriff's department of the Aliso Creek Villas to have harsher punishments against litterers and to actually enforce these punishments.

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The Littering: The Path to Economic and Environmental Burden petition to Orange County Landfill was written by Joshua Park and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.