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Alex Salmond, The First Minister of Scotland, and John Swinnie, The Finance Secretary have given The Trump Organisation planning permission to build 2 Links Golf courses, a housing complex and hotel complex partly on an unique dune system which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The economic benefits are good and I understand that in a recession investment is important. The inability of the Trump Organisation to work with local environmental profesionals to find a compromise between environmental groups suggestions and the developers wishes undermines the integrity of the respected Scottish Wildlife Trust, Planning Systems, R.S.P.B., S.N.H, and the S.S.S.I. system and contradicts Sustainable Scotlands objectives nl. [Sustainable Development is also about protecting and where possible enhancing the environment, not just for its own sake but because a damaged environment will eventually hold back economic development and compromise everyone's' quality of life.]

We, the undersigned, call on the Scottish Government and The Trump Organisation to come to an amicable agreement with Scottish Wildlife Trust, R.S.P.B, and S.N.H to create a role model for future eco friendly golf courses and an example to the rest of the world which looks up to the Scottish Environmental policies and Government. In the process the Scottish Tourism Industry, Golf in Scotland and The Scottish Government will not have their good reputation tarnished. Credibility will be restored to all the Environmental Organisations and the status of S.S.S.I s. Everyone can win with a little patience, communication and planning.

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