#Roads & Transport
Preston Bus and Stagecoach
United Kingdom

Large amounts of School kids board buses and not in single file, its about time bus companies informed schools that they will no longer accept more than 2 school kids onto their services.

Even though schools get given a school bus for them to use, but how many kids use them? Well it works out that in 1 school of 500 kids only 50 use the school buses the other 450 use public services and have no consideration for fare paying customers with prams or wheelchairs.

We, the undersigned, ask Preston Bus and Stagecoach to inform all schools that they will not accept more than 2 school kids onto their buses unless they are accompanied by an appropriate adult.

The Limit number of School Kids on Buses petition to Preston Bus and Stagecoach was written by Craig Weekes and is in the category Roads & Transport at GoPetition.