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Looping, in education, refers to the unconventional practice of a teacher remaining with the same group of students for more than one school year. For example, a teacher who teaches a third-grade class and then goes on to teach the same students, the following year, for the fourth grade.

There are certain benefits to looping in student placement decisions but also distinct disadvantages. To be effective, looping decisions need the active participation of teachers, administrators and parents.

Currently, our Springfield schools do not limit the number of times a child can be looped and have no consistently applied guidelines for parents to "opt out" of the looping placement.

This must change. Parents can and should have a voice in looping placement decisions and the district should not only permit this, it should welcome it.

We, the undersigned, parents, residents, and taxpayers, of Springfield, New Jersey, demand that the Board of Education and school's administration respect the rights of parents to participate in all decisions regarding their children's education, including whether or not a child repeats ("loops") with the same teacher and class from grade level to grade level. Parents should always be given a choice to "opt out" of the looping placement and the district must immediately adopt a consistent and unified policy to allow them to do so.

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