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Cobourg Town Council

Due to the tragic loss of a local young man, it has come to the attention of many citizens that the road he was on while walking home to his mother's after work one evening is unsafe. It is a road that leads outside of our town, and if there had been adequate lighting, this could possible have been avoided.

I wish to present a petition to our local town council in the efforts of making the necessary changes so that no other family has to experience this loss that has affected the entire community.

After participating in "Walk Brodie Home" on Friday with my family and many other members of the community, it became painfully obvious to myself and no doubt many others that if there had been adequate lighting along that stretch of road, this tragedy may have been avoided. It is my desire to approach Cobourg Town Council with a petition to ask them to make the necessary changes. There are existing hydro poles that could provide street lights. We could have solar paint on the road to light up any pedestrians on the shoulder. Lower speed limits, and posted at more visible points. With the added influx of traffic that the new 401 ramp will provide, this will be needed more than ever.

Our entire community has felt the loss of one of the kindest, gentlest souls I have ever had the privilege of knowing and calling my friend.

Please, sign the petition so that we can help prevent another family from feeling such tremendous loss.

You will never be forgotten, Brodie.
"Much love".

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