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Senate Committee

Far to often do parents and families go without sleep in Canada wondering if their son or daughter is missing or murdered. They won’t hear from their loved one because of strict privacy laws. New telephone rules make it nearly impossible to call out to family in rural areas. In many cases a year or more will go by without a call home. Far to often do missing persons get reported, the where abouts could be anywhere, and the incarceration rates steadily climb.
Sign this petition for the Government of Canada to lift the strict laws regarding privacy. A simple yes or no answer could assist loved ones with closure, knowing that their child is ok. Sign this petition if you believe a Mother or Father has the right to know if their child is incarcerated, safe. Sign this petition if you believe the historical trauma inflicted on Indigenous people must stop. Over a year of uncertainty, never knowing if your child is dead or alive, far to long. Sign this petition if you know someone who will benefit from a simple yes or no answer when they call the surrounding prisons, or database. Sign this petition if you believe that Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada was set up to benefit the future of Indigenous people and involvement in this matter is crucial to deter another cycle of traumatic experience, perhaps a toll free phone number to prevent emotional trauma in an event where the loved one is missing. For Mother’s and Fathers, Grandparents, Brothers, Sisters, they deserve to know if their loved one is alive. Sign this petition now to remove strict self serving laws which violate the Human Right to search for a missing person when they are not incarcerated.
Lower the numbers to the missing Indigenous people, inform the people. Sign the petition to gain access to the growing list of incarcerated Individuals. Sign the petition if you believe growing incarceration rates are cause for change, it’s time to change the way we handle the thousands of people who will not escape the criminal justice system. The reality is, no province has improved the climbing numbers, it’s time to change the way we handle the routine and lengthy stays. Prisons are now utilized as a housing resource, we must change the privacy laws to a simple toll free phone number, a process with easy access. Sign the petition if you know someone who could benefit from information regarding the whereabouts of a loved one.

We call out to the Senate Committee to review strict Privacy Laws regarding Indigenous incarceration in Canada. We request you pass a Bill, in your house which will expedite a request for the location and where abouts of an Indigenous man or woman when engulfed within the Corrections system.

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