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Recently, the Website My Yearbook, decided to ban several members, without cause. Email upon email was sent asking for a reason, none was given a reply.

Members have posted in the Forums, and have had their posts deleted. And yet, posts that are based on hate, racism, and underage intercourse has continued.

We don't want My Yearbook to end, we would just simply like to be able to have the same opportunity to be members as well as anyone else.

Here is a list of Members that have been banned, Please, help me bring them back.
Bubba Goth, Amoura, Onyx, Deadly Nightshade, Kenny, Romance n Bloodstains, Cheshire Cat. As of this moment, I do not know if anyone else has been banned. But this is censorship and very unjust.

Not one post from these former members promoted hate, violence or any ill will. They simply spoke their mind on the knowledge they have and offered advice, to anyone that had questions.

Here are three of the many letters emailed to, support@myyearbook.com.

Hello, BubbaGoth here...
as you know, my friends are spamming your server... your probably going to ban us all, but we will find a way back onto your server if this does happen. So, Why did you ban me? I did not get any reason why, my friends and I would like to know why, and if there is any way to "fix" what has been done. We like your site, and as you can see, we use it a lot to discuss what is going on in the world/culture we are involved with. Please contact me at this email address ASAP for further discussion, or reasoning for your banning my profile.

thank you,

WHY? I want to have a reason... I have been nothing but nice on your site... and you continually ban me!!! I want a reason! Why are you cyber bullying me on a forum? you put a forum up there to have people discuss things... not to sling hate mongering.. which we quelled pretty well... without cyberbullying anyone, well except your MODS! who deleted our posts because we were not spreading hate! YOU OWN the site, I understand that... but... it is a public forum... PUBLIC! you cannot just delete someone. You are spreading hate! This will be made into a media storm. Reply please. I double dog dare you.


Myyearbook Team,

Today you banned me, and I would like to know why. I did not violate any terms, and I did not use offensive language or foul obscenities. I did however bring it to the public how a highly respected member was banned for no reason. And you neglect to give him a reason why as well. I go through there, and help young people with their problems, and try to keep the hostility and intolerance for groups of people at bay, much like Deadly Nightshade, Bubba Goth, and Onyx does. But instead you delete our posts, or anything that is respectful, and keep the hatred and drama going. Do you have any idea what you are exposing minors to? As young as 13 years old, you are exposing them to hate, satanist banter, and arm cutting, because that is all you seem to want to keep up on your forums. Now not only do I take screen shots of everything that goes on, I also made it public on myspace and a few other public forums. My next step will be the local news, seeing how I am in Pennsylvania. How do you think parents will feel, when this gets televised, about their children being exposed to these things? And how they will feel when it comes out you ban anyone trying to prevent the exposure to them? And how they will feel when you feature wrist cutting and satanism? You want to grow like Myspace, well Myspace does not censor kindness and understanding. Do not underestimate me, As I do work with human rights and have ties with senators and representatives in this state of PA, And ties in NBC 25 and two newspapers. Now, I demand a reason we have been banned today. You have violated rights, and my next step is an attorney. I keep a draft of everything I send, and I also take snap shots of most of the things that have been going on your PUBLIC forum, oh and since it is public, and you are in violation, as you advertise it public, we are the public, and you have censored us. I do expect a reply to this, seeing as how I called out an Internet predator to you, and you keep him an active member. There is something wrong with that, you keep a predator, but yet ban anyone trying to protect ones from them. where are your priorities?

Thank you,

Amoura Bruno
(auntie goth)

All we want is the same right as anyone else that has access to My Yearbook. Whether your Goth or not, please, help.

Thank you,


Friend of Goth

We, the undersigned, ask for the administration of the Website My Yearbook, to lift the Ban of all the members of the Goth forum they removed as of Tuesday February 19th, 2008.

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