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Northern Ireland

On 25th January 2012, Joby Murphy fell of the Lagan Weir footbridge. He swam to a nearby boat that was moored at 50 feet from the weir. He clung on there until he could hold on no longer. People on the bridge had to run approximately 100 feet to the nearest life ring. There were none at all on the footbridge.

A sonar was borrowed from England in order to locate Joby's body. This was on loan for 2 days but was unable to locate him. We then were able to get one from Mallow, Co. Cork which located him on the day that it came. This encouraged us to raise funds to get a sonar for Northern Ireland, which we have and was handed over to our volunteers at Community Rescue Service who have since used it in Kent and in the river Boyne.

The father of Joby Murphy requested for life rings to be put up on the bridge but was refused. We believe if there had of been a life ring on the bridge someone could have of been able to throw it to him and just maybe could have saved his life.

We, the undersigned, call on the DSD to put at least one life ring on the Lagan Weir footbridge.

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