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Life. Live it. is a major campaign to inspire young people to learn first aid. The campaign aims to promote first aid knowledge and skills among young people, and calls on the government to increase first aid education in schools.

Three million people go to hospital each year with injuries that could have been helped by first aid. One million of these are children and young people. First aid skills can save lives and reduce injury.

The British Red Cross delivers first aid training to thousands of children and young people across the UK. We want even more young people to have first aid skills so that they can reduce the severity of an injury or even save a life.

The Life. Live it. campaign includes:

The Life. Live it. DVD to inspire and teach young people first aid.
Interactive and downloadable first aid resources for young people.
Partnership working to promote first aid education to vulnerable and excluded young people.
Peer education programmes across the UK
The Life. Live it. report, calling for increased first aid education in UK schools.
Resourcing teachers and other educators with a new first aid resource pack
First aid is a basic life skill that everyone can learn.

Our aim is to give young people the power to make a difference.

Life. Live it.

"We're aiming to give thousands of young people the skills and confidence to save lives," said Joe Mulligan, head of first aid services from the British Red Cross. "Including first aid in mainstream education is a vital step to achieving this."

We, the undersigned, want the Government to give young people free first aid courses to save lives!

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