The Republic of Liberia
United States of America

Descendants of proud Africans with an identity, culture, political, economic systems inherited, from the U.S.A. came to the shores of West Africa and formed a colony. In 1847 this colony became The Republic of Liberia an independent nation with a Constitution. Liberia’s Constitutions 1820, 1839, and 1847 all provided a citizenship article for African Americans to become citizens of Liberia.

Constitution 1984, Chapter IV Article 27 (b) In order to preserve, foster and maintain the positive Liberian culture, values and character, only persons who are Negroes or of Negro descent shall qualify by birth or by naturalization to be citizens of Liberia.

We, the undersigned, call on The Republic of Liberia to fulfill Liberia's Constitution of 1847 and Constitution of 1984 by "AUTOMATICALLY GRANTING," those African-Americans who "DESIRES," full citizenship and all rights as a citizen of Liberia.

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