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The Liberation Treatment by Dr P Zamboni.

Dr Zamboni who is a Vasuclar surgeon in Italy and his wife Elena who was diagnosed with MS in the late 90`s. He wanted to help her because the pain and fatigue levels were bad., He found the levels of Iron in the brains of people with MS. He then discovered that this was caused by bad blood flow around the head.
He scanned the main arteries sending blood into the area and that's when he seen the narrowing veins.
Check it on Youtube and look at all the amazing storiesa.

Start a study now and not wait for others to get results. We are always playing catch up but suffers do not have the time to wait. I want to get our government to do the right thing and get a study started.

After reading about Dr Zamboni`s work, we need to move fast because we do not have the time to waste. Each week I am getting more dependant on others. The government will say they do not have the Finances but they would save in the long run.

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