#Civil Rights
National Assembly

My fellow compatriots, it is incumbent on us to liberate our beloved nation from the present grip of oppression, religious intolerance, inequality, and economic hardship. I have created a petition #LiberateNigeria requesting the Nigerian Congress to listen to the masses and act on 6 important issues as listed below.

However, I ask that we remain civil and reasonable as we continue to pressure our elected officials to help #LiberateNigeria. The doctrines of democracy requires that we guide our elected officials to do the right thing. We cannot leave them alone knowing they face a headwind of opposition, our petition provides them a strong pedestal to stand on and fight on our behalf.

Please share this petition with your family and friends and request them to sign the petition. We can no longer sit idly and watch our fortunes disappear. Do not like the petition on Facebook, sign and share it with your loved ones.

Let's keep all fears behind us and get serious with our future and the future of our children and grandchildren. The first step in our quest for #LiberateNigeria is to engage in participatory democracy, Call you NASS member, send them email, and text messages until they agree to listen and act on the side of the people to help us all #LiberateNigeria.

Thank you all!
Olusegun Phillips-Alonge

We the undersigned, call on the National Assembly and the Senate to liberate Nigeria from implosion by doing the followings.

1. Kill all Sharia legislation or any nuances of Sharia propositions effective immediately to protect the constitutional guarantees of religious liberty;

2. Implement the recommendation of the 2014 National Conference with respect to true Federalism, State Autonomy, and self determination;

3. Immediate cessation of all federal government hostilities against civil protests in the Niger Delta and Igbo communities, and embrace the use of dialogue to resolve the issues amicably and prevent further violation of human rights.

4. Pass legislation compelling the Executive arm to receive Congressional approval before the use of military force against Nigerians and Nigerian Interests to enforce checks and balances and end the ongoing extra judicial killing of Nigerians exercising their civil rights;

5. Implement an urgent Citizens Economic Relief Action Package (CERAP) to douse the current hardship on the middle class and low income earners. The CERAP should include include one time payment, cost of living adjustment (COLA) to low and middle income earners, increase in minimum wage and conditions of service;

6. Say no to nomadic grazing and grazing reserves. Pass a bill outlawing nomadic grazing and requiring herdsmen to create their own ranch (es). Ranch(es) cannot be paid for by the Federal Government. The herdsmen as business entities should be responsible for procuring and maintaining their place of business. This will relieve the herdsmen and host community tensions and improve mutual respect and cohabitation.

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