Premier Brad Wall

The Saskatchewan government recently published two news releases regarding math consultations in the province. A large number of parents and citizens have signed in support of WISE Math (Western Initiative for Strengthening Education in Math) and have expressed serious concerns about the state of math education in the province of Saskatchewan.

We are requesting a meeting between representatives from the Saskatchewan government and representatives from WISE Math to discuss the gravity of the situation and avenues for improvement.

Dear Mr. Wall,

We, the undersigned residents of Saskatchewan, are writing to express our concern about the state of mathematics education in the province.

We respectfully ask for a meeting with you, the Premier, and with officials from the Ministry of Education, where a group of our representatives will present our concerns as well as suggestions for improvement.

The following are some of the topics we would like to discuss:

1. Teacher preparation.

2. Curriculum and textbooks.

3. Low level of school expectations and academic standards; absence of enrichment programs.

4. Low level of preparedness of K-12 graduates for their future, both in mathematics and in other important areas such as work ethic, sense of responsibility, perseverance and a desire to learn.

We hope that this will be the first in a series of meetings with Ministry officials that will result in a collaborative effort that will improve the quality of mathematics education in Saskatchewan.

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