#Human Rights
The Guardian

In the past few years The Guardian has been consistently boosting the voice of anti-trans activists. It has portrayed women and feminists as a monolithic bloc who are all fearful of or hostile to trans women.

When feminists both trans and cis have pushed back, we have been accused of bullying or "silencing" women, yet these are women who teach, write, speak at events and are regularly interviewed in the media.

Below is an open letter to be sent to The Guardian. (Edit: it will be sent on Friday.)

Dear Editor

We the undersigned write to protest the on-going and extensive series of articles you have published claiming that women are being “silenced” and that men are being invited into women only spaces.

In the past year you have run many articles seeking to position trans women as a threat to cis women, and arguing that cis women object to--and should object to--trans women in women only space.

We believe that trans women are women who experience the same gender based discrimination, harassment, and abuse as cis women (and more) and are our sisters.
We believe that making women only spaces inclusive and welcoming to trans women is fundamental to feminism.
We believe that bodily autonomy and the right to frame one’s own sexual and gender identity is fundamental to feminism.
We believe that policing sex and gender is alien to feminism.
We believe that we are only as strong as the support we give to the most vulnerable of us.

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The Letter to the Guardian protesting the pattern of abusive articles about trans people. petition to The Guardian was written by Farah Mendlesohn and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.